Finally available in Portugal

Since 2015 successfully in central Europe and since 2021 also been available in Portugal.

Protection of Values


The rarest noble metal
Unforgeable crystal structure
Strong price performance
Suitable long-term investment metal
Highest value density of all noble metals

About Us

There are more than 1,500 certified partners in more than 30 countries and in 20 countries around the world, local Osmium institutes have already been founded or are currently being established. The international and strictly controlled database of the Osmium world was created together with international customs authorities in the USA, Canada, Australia, EU, and other countries.
To expand the market for the rarest and most valuable metal today, Osmium is already used for investments, in the production chain of jewelry, silversmithing, watchmaking, and brilliantly adorned the human body.


Price development first week of 2018 – current price:

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Osmium in the portuguese market


Special Properties

It is the rarest and most valuable noble metal in the world. The entire annual delivery volume worldwide fits into a 10-liter bucket. It is, therefore, also the element with the highest density of values. Crystalline OSMIUM is therefore perfect for storing valuables.
The price of Osmium speaks for itself. See why more and more people are buying OS:


Buy and store Osmium

In times of crisis, investors need to make physical investments. Osmium is therefore generally bought by investors who also own gold. Sparkling noble metal attracts special opportunities because it is superior to diamonds. Because diamonds can be produced synthetically cheaply, brilliant gemstones have lost their value. Osmium is useful and noble.


Good for Portfolio

You should never put everything on one card. A balanced mix of different asset classes reduces risk.

The American economist H. Markowitz proposed the theory of portfolio analysis and received the Nobel Prize in Economics for it. So pay attention to the correct distribution and let us advise you on this.

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Osmium is mined along with platinum ore. 10,000 tons of platinum contain only 30 grams of osmium.

The global amount of osmium available can therefore be calculated from the global occurrence of platinum: it is estimated that only 1 m³ of osmium can be extracted from the earth’s crust.


In the increase in value

Crystalline Osmium has been available since 2014. Since then there has been an average increase in value between 2017 – 2023 of 11% p.a..


Osmium is element 76 on the periodic table. It is the rarest and most valuable noble metal.

In contrast to diamonds, Osmium cannot be chemically produced.

Delivery fee in kg

The Osmium promotion is expensive. The annual production volume is currently only 120 kg of Osmium per year. In all world!

For comparison: global gold production in 2019 was 3,463.7 tonnes!


What does Osmium look like?

It shines and sparkles. Osmium is simply fascinating. The flat plates are available in different formats: square bars and round discs, as well as letters and formats for jewelry stores.

Osmium bars and disks are purchased as an investment. They also serve as raw materials for goldsmiths and jewelers who use them to make Osmium jewelry. Letters and shapes are available for 130 euros.

Osmium Disk

Round, compact, valuable. The Osmium disk is an investment and raw material for jewelers.

Wie sieht Osmium aus

Is Osmium safe?


Osmium is protected by the Identification Code

When you buy an Osmium, you always get an “Osmium Identification Code”. It’s like a vehicle registration document. Each piece of Osmium can be clearly identified through the OIC. Changes in ownership and ownership are also covered by the OIC. In this way, donation, transfer and transfer are safely possible. You can also use the code to query the current Osmium price.

Non-falsifiable element

Crystalline Osmium has a purity of 99.9995%. Therefore, it is not falsifiable.

As the heaviest element, it is also protected from mixing because there is no element with a higher density. Handling with lighter substances as a mixture would be observed by a simple volume weight test. Osmium is therefore protected from counterfeiting.


Theft protection

The crystal structure of each osmium product not only shines beautifully, but also serves as a safety feature. The crystalline structure is comparable to a fingerprint, but 10,000 times more accurate. You can check the code online in OIC Checker.

In case of theft, the rightful owner can be determined without a doubt through the Osmium central database. Osmium is therefore not attractive to thieves.



Osmium is new. Therefore, there are no long-term empirical values. In this unknown, therefore, there is an opportunity and a risk at the same time. The sale price reached at the time of sale may be higher or lower than the purchase price paid. Therefore, we recommend that you seek personal advice. This service is offered by independent fee consultants, for example.

Buy Osmium

You don’t need a bond account to buy Osmium. The noble metal is delivered directly to the buyer.

As a buyer, you will receive a certificate from the Osmium Institute of Germany, as well as the Osmium Identification Code, which identifies you as the owner. If you want to sell Osmium, there are several options to choose from.

Osmium Handel


Osmium verkaufen
Osmium vs. Gold

Osmium is 1,500 times rarer than gold, but only 25 times more expensive.

Experts therefore predict long-term increases in the value of noble metals. The commodity is currently valued favorably because the noble metal is not yet traded on the stock exchange.

Osmium vs. Diamond

Jewelry and Investments - Diamonds have served this purpose for centuries.

Diamond is pressed carbon. This cheap raw material can now be industrially processed into diamond, which has partially ruined stone prices.

Osmium, on the other hand, is pure. It is an element and therefore not reproducible. Only 2 m³ of Osmium exists worldwide.

Osmium vs. Money

Historically, all states were more or less frequently insolvent. Currency reforms and inflation are still the easiest way to reduce government debt.

Osmium is the rarest noble metal in the world and therefore can offer better protection against inflation.

Tax consideration

Like silver, Osmium is subject to sales tax. The price shown in the store is therefore including the currently applicable sales tax.

Osmium price

Here you will find the Osmium price currently valid for one gram of crystalline Osmium. Osmium is not yet traded on the stock exchange. The price is therefore at sight.

Tip: If you verify the authenticity of your investment through the ICO, the current value will also be displayed on the ICO verification page.

Osmium Institute

There is a worldwide network of Osmium institutes. Here you not only get information in the national language, but the institutes are also responsible for

1.) Verification of authenticity
2.) Weighing
3.) Documentation of the crystal structure
4.) Assignment of Serial Numbers
5.) Entry into the Osmium World Database
6.) Creating a Certificate of Authenticity

Who is selling Osmium?

We do not sell Osmium. The seller and contractual partner is Osmium Institute Germany. From there you will be provided. Shipping is free until June 30, 2021.

You can also source the noble metal from certified Osmium dealers and process it into jewelry with your jeweler.

30      countries
1.000 dealers

Data is stored electronically and used by Osmium-Institute for attribution but is not passed on to Osmium resellers.

30      countries
1.000 dealers

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